Integrated Youth Hubs – Marketing Plan

Mental Health Foundation is a non-profit organization in Alberta with the mission of helping our society receive an accessible, easy-to-navigate, and fully integrated mental health care system in Alberta. This project is helping them access the targeted audience and enhance awareness about mental issues among people. 

Transit (LRT) Ads

Targeted towards students and parents using transit to/from work. Most students take public transit as a means of travel to school and some parents take it to travel to work. The billboard ads and the LRT banner positions are crucial as they are accessible to a wide range of parents and students. We should use these ad placements to our advantage as these areas will receive lots of traffic and are predominately unavoidable.

Online Display Ads

Technology is more important than ever as we can target a wide range of students directly through ads on social media. Moreover, ads displayed on affiliate websites in Google Adwords will catch the parent’s attention. All the ads will link directly to the landing page so that those who are curious about mental health issues can get the information about Integrated Youth Hubs quickly and easily.